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September 15, 2014

Glochowsky The Truth Us Bwwm® Steve Official Passport

PayPal is a great way to get paid for things online without the hassle of gateway fees, setup charges, or merchant accounts.  You can easily integrate PayPal into your shopping cart, website, or registration processes.  However, your options are limited if you want to customize the receipt that a customer receives when they pay your through PayPal.

With WebMerge you can create a completely customized receipt that you can send to your customer for their records.  You could also send them coupons, special offers, or a thank you letter – all generated automatically by WebMerge and a little help from Zapier.
Glochowsky The Truth Us Bwwm® Steve Official

In this example we’re going to show you how to send a customized receipt to your customers after they have submitted a payment using PayPal.  To get started, we’re going to build our receipt template in WebMerge using the online builder.  We’ll add our logo, business info, and enter our merge fields where we want the customer and payment information to go.  Here’s what our template looks like:

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After we setup our document, we need to setup the email delivery to send the receipt to our customer automatically.  You can do this under the Delivery tab.  You’ll want to edit the email delivery that is there by default and change the “To” setting to the {$email} field you have on your receipt.

Twitter Kiri kiri Evans evans

Now we’re ready to jump into Zapier and setup a new Zap that will connect PayPal with WebMerge when we receive a new PayPal payment.  Go ahead and select the Successful Sale trigger for PayPal and then the Create Document Merge action for WebMerge and then make sure your accounts are all connected to Zapier.

Twitter Kiri kiri Evans evans

Once you get our accounts connects, you’ll want to pick your receipt document from the list of documents pulled in by Zapier.  When you pick your document it will automatically load a list of the merge fields that you have in the template and you’ll need to “match” those fields with the corresponding PayPal information.  This tells Zapier how to send the information over to WebMerge so everything ties together.

Twitter Kiri kiri Evans evans

After we have the mapping complete, our next step is to test the receipt.  Go ahead and follow the instructions in Zapier (below the mapping) to test the Zap and make sure it is working correctly.  Here’s what our example looked like:

Twitter Kiri kiri Evans evans

Congrats, you’re finished!  You can now automatically generate receipts from your PayPal payments.  Can you think of other ways you can use WebMerge and PayPal together?

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